Purchaser will accept all terms indicated below. All items listed on this page are considered abandoned. Items listed were left by former tenants in vacated units or in public areas after move-out. StoreIt does not guarantee operation of or warranty any items. Items are sold As-Is and are not returnable to StoreIt for refund. Payments for and pickup of item(s) are to be made on-site at our location, no delivery. Payments can be made at our location via credit/debit card or cash. No personal checks will be accepted. Once purchased all items must be removed from StoreIt.
Price: $200
Mint Condition Antique Mikasa F3003 Silk Flower Dinner set.

Items Include:
7 Soup Bowls
6 Dinner Plates
6 Salad Plates
10 Footed Teacups
10 Teacup Saucers
6 Bowls
Lg. Serving Bowl
Lg. Serving Platter
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Gravy Boat/Plate
2 Storage containers (with Glass Lids)
4 Wine Glasses (Hock)
Price: $30
Used Wooden Vanity. Has a Cedar smell to the drawers. Some drawers need some TLC and are missing bits of wood. Small Degree of scuffing and stains. Comes with revolving mirror. Mirror could use a good clean, but is otherwise completely functional.

Items Include:
Wooden Vanity
Revolving Mirror Piece
Price: $5
Wicker Ottoman with Faux Leather surface. Holds about a square foot of storage space inside. Has a small degree of wear and tear on the outer corners of the piece. Completely removable lid.

Items Include:
Small Wicker Ottoman with Lid.
Price: $2
Fair condition small wooden table. Surface of the table has an artificial marble pattern. A leg is loose and will need to be re-attatched. Would make a great prop or sidetable.

Items Include:
Small Round Table
Price: $10

Fair condition small oval coffee table. Missing a Drawer. Has about a Foot's worth of storage space underneath it. Has some minor scuffs and scratches, but nothing a good paintjob can't fix.

Items Include:
Small Oval Coffee table
Price: $3
Lightly used room essentials storage bins (5.3"x11.8") Could use a good cleaning but are completely functional.

Items Include:
(5) Plastic Tubs (with Lids)

Price: $5
Lightly Used patio chair. (Red)

Items Include:
1 Red Patio Chair

Price: $20
Lightly used standing dresser (6 Drawers) Minor degree of scuffing on the sides. Brass colored handles.

Items Include:
Dresser (with all drawers)

Price: $10
Lightly used children's outdoor furniture. All items are functional, and have minimal wear and tear.

Items Include:
Lightly used plastic table (Beige with Green surface)
Lightly Used plastic Children's patio Chair (x2)
Blue plastic children's stool
Price: $1
Like New glass decorative bell. Translucent with a red base. Clapper still in tact. Grape Vine/leaf etchings on the waist

Items Include:
Glass Bell