Make the Most of Your Self-Storage Unit


Storage units can come in extremely handy for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’re a business owner storing away extra inventory or a parent tucking away seasonal items that aren’t currently needed, having extra space can be a game changer. If you’re considering renting a unit for some of your belongings, here are a few tips on maximizing the space and making it easier to navigate.

1. Unit size. Choosing an appropriate unit size is key when it comes to maximizing your storage space. If the unit you choose is too small, even with organization, it can be tough to get to the things you’re looking for. Our website features a storage calculator to help you accurately determine what size unit is best for your needs.

2. Use stackable totes + boxes. This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to organizing your unit. Choose boxes or totes that are similar in size and stack vertically. Plastic totes are perfect because of their durability + strength. Cardboard works well for lighter, dry storage items. Stack heavier items on the bottom and work your way up.

3. Label. When packing your items away, be sure to label each tote or box clearly + consistently so you know what is inside. This makes finding what you need easier, making sure you don’t have to go digging through box after box in search of what you came to grab.

4. Organize. Once you’ve got your items boxed up and labeled, it’s important to strategically place them in your storage unit. Place items you’ll need access to more frequently near the front of the unit and the things you won’t need as often towards the back or bottom of your stacks. As mentioned before, weight will also play a factor in how to organize your belongings.

5. Shelving. If you’re planning on a long-term storage option, it may be a good idea to consider adding removable shelving to your unit. This will help keep items safe + secure while you’re away. Shelving also frees up more space on the floor of your unit and makes navigation through it easier.

At Store It, we strive to take the stress out of storage. Our units are climate-controlled, indoor, and securely locked with access only through your smartphone. We provide our tenants with peace of mind by providing 24/7 video surveillance throughout our facility and keep your items safe from moisture, dust, and pests. If you’re ready to rent a space, you can find more information + storage rates on our website.