New Year's Resolution: Declutter + Organize Your Space


This year, we want to help those new year’s resolutions stick. If you’ve set your mind to decluttering and organizing your home or office space, we’re here to help! Check out these tips on how to minimize clutter and store away items that aren’t currently of use.

  1. Get Rid of Excess Items. We all have that extra drawer or space in the closet full of things we might wear or use someday, but we’ve never gotten around to. These items may be holding you back from maximizing your storage areas. Go through your old stuff and determine what can be donated and what may need to be thrown away. This will clear up space for items that are useful and of value to you. You can also host a garage sale or utilize free online marketplaces to sell valuable items that no longer serve you or your space.
  2. Sort + Store. Determine how you want to organize your stuff. By season, by use, or by person and begin to sort items into their respective categories. Using clear containers allows you to see what’s inside when you need to access them. Labeling also helps you determine what’s being stored so you don’t have to do a lot of digging. Place items you’ll need most in an easier to reach place.
  3. Utilize Vertical Space. Shelving and stacking are great ways to fit more into smaller spaces. There are great options for both shelves and stackable totes for you to choose from. This works great in a garage, basement, closet, or even a storage unit.
  4. Invest in a Storage Unit. If you find you have far too much stuff to store in your home or office, consider investing in off-site storage. This is a great option for out of season holiday décor, seasonal toys like lake, summer, or snow gear, and your children have outgrown but you may need again in the future. This is also a great option for those in the midst of a move.

Don’t let your resolution wait for next year, by utilizing these tips, you can seriously minimize clutter in your space. Get your family or team involved in the process to help the project move quicker and so everyone knows where things are stored. Decluttering and organizing will give you peace of mind knowing where your things are stored and that they’re out of view from you and any visitors.