Out of Space? – The Backyard Shed Dilemma

The storage room in the basement is overflowing and unorganized. You’ve had enough of trying to remember where “that” photo album is. You’ve dug into the same box over and over so many times and never found it. The garage has become another unusable overfilled space. A shed! That will solve everything. Well….

It's not a bad idea. You’ll gain extra space, have easy access, and know where everything is. However, here are some issues that homeowners may overlook when having a shed built in the backyard for storage.

1. Cost – a sizable and well-built shed can easily cost over $3000. You’ll also need a base built or pad poured. You’d like some electricity for lights, recharging batteries or running a tool. Add a window or a door. More cost. And many times, all the extras will run this little project to well over $5000.

2. Coding and Variance – are you aware that many cities have very strict codes as to the size, color, and location that will impact your project. You’ll need to pay for permits, have the utility locator come by and then an inspector will need to come and approve everything. Again, unknown and added costs and your time lost.

3. Construction – it’s time to build and whether you do it yourself or a crew is coming by, you’ve now got other problems. Areas of your yard may get torn up. You’re now a project coordinator. Has the electrician been by to hook into the breaker box, dig a trench and run the line, has the pad been poured, are all the permits approved? All these and more are now your problem. And you’ve blocked the view your neighbor has had for the 30+ years. And they are none too pleased and will let you know their displeasure (probably more than once).

4. Wow! It’s all done and looks great. Just what you wanted and needed. Then, like most of middle-American, the payment of several hundred dollars a month starts and will continue. You’re probably paying interest on top of it all.

5. The dogs are let out, you grab the coffee and look out the back window. What is all over my lawn? You take a better look. The shed door is open, and your belongings are on the lawn. Well, whatever was left by the thieves who simply took a crowbar and ripped the latch off the shed wall. They’ve now got your weed-whacker, power tools, and whatever else they thought valuable. You’re now waiting for the police to come and make a report. And don’t forget to call your insurance agent. And the chances of you ever getting anything back are ZERO!

6. Honey-Do! Man, that shed has been great. You have some space back. But now, your shed is causing more work! The roof that sat under a tree needs to be replaced. The once vibrant color is faded and peeling. That siding or baseboard is rotted. That family of mice has invited friends over to stay. Your shed has now made you a roofer, a carpenter, and an exterminator. Who knew?

7. Everything considered, your shed solved a few problems. The cars fit in the garage. You’ve found the photo album. But has it really? There are certain things like photos, family heirlooms, and clothing that likely won’t store well in heat, humidity, and below-zero temperatures. Plus, you’ve realized it’s a bit tricky to access your stored items when the path to the shed is blocked by snow.

So maybe a shed will not work as you thought. Here’s where we come in. Indoor and Climate-Controlled storage.

1. Cost – a set monthly rate with no interest.
2. Coding and variances – not needed and not your hassle.
3. Construction – we’ve already built the “shed.” And with many sizes to choose from.
4. Thieves? We have 24-hour security cameras and alarms, tenant-only access, and multi-level security. Nobody can hop the fence or walk into our storage facility to see what they “need.”
5. Keyless Access and Entry - we use the Noke’ app, you’ll never lose the key again.
6. Maintenance and upkeep. Our problem, not yours.
7. Climate Controlled storage will save your keepsakes. Those photos, the winter coats, and your parents’ heritage are safe and secure.
8. Access – 7-days a week, we do the plowing, the cleaning, and the maintenance. You are inside and out of the elements and comfortably unload/load the things you need.
9. The neighbors’ backyard view? Still beautiful.

Hope we “shed’ a little light into your storage dilemma.