Why Indoor Climate Control Storage May Be Best For Your Needs

When you find yourself with too much stuff, you want the quickest and most convenient way to get it out of your home and into storage. Cost-effective outdoor storage may seem like the fastest solution to your problem. However, outdoor storage can come with extra headaches and security concerns.Some reasons you should consider upgrading to an indoor storage facility:

  1. Privacy – In our climate-controlled, indoor storage facility, you can unload your items in our drive-in bay. Use our wheeled carts to take your valuables to your unit.
  2. Cameras – Our indoor facility has an extensive security camera system that is always on and actively records when movement occurs. Indoor cameras are protected from the elements, so the footage is accessible if needed. Thanks to our access/entry technology, it takes little time to determine who was where in an indoor facility if a problem occurs.
  3. Security Alarms – All gates and door entries provide 24-hour alarmed security. This provides an extra layer of comfort for you when you choose indoor storage.
  4. Keyless Entry – Our Noke system allows for 24-hour monitoring of gates, doors, and units. Tenants can also see if their unit is unlocked and control access to the facility and their unit directly from the app.
As you can see there are several additional layers of security when you choose an indoor storage facility. While we hope you never have to deal with a personal crime, the reality is, that your items may be an easier target for criminals when they are in outdoor storage. From a camera that shifted in the wind to a lack of individualized security for each unit, there are several reasons that outdoor storage may not be the right choice for your needs.The above outlines the top security features when it comes to indoor storage. We should also point out the added layer of safety to your belongings thanks to our climate-controlled units. Your important items will be protected from the elements. Extreme heat and cold can wreak havoc on your property, especially things like antiques, documents, instruments, books, and magazines. Our units guard against heat, cold, and humidity.

Indoor units have better air quality as well. This prevents you from needing to open your unit to ‘air it out’. Because of our insulated roof and walls, you’ll have an added barrier from dust and debris. Thanks to this, you’ll find your items exactly how you left them.

Finally, our state-of-the-art Noke system not only allows for 24-hour monitoring of gates, doors, and units, it also allows tenants to easily share access to their unit with family members or employees. Our customers will also be able to see if their unit is unlocked directly on the app, providing yet another layer of safety and security.If you’re looking for safety on all levels including theft, weather, and damage, then indoor, climate-controlled is exactly what you need. Reserve your unit today! Invest in peace of mind, safety, and security by selecting climate-controlled, indoor storage at Store It.