Taking Care of Mom and Dad – Don’t Lose the Memories Forever

They’ve gotten older and you’ve noticed. The stairs to the bedroom are a struggle. Getting to the basement for laundry is just dangerous. Winters are harder and harder on them. Their life and your memories are in the home you grew up in. Everyone wants them to stay, but now it’s time. Families are increasingly deciding that an assisted living facility is best for the remainder of Mom and Dad’s life. If uprooting them and the life they’ve known for decades is not stressful enough, you and the family are dealing with a home full of their possessions and memories.

Now comes the challenge. All the memories, all the parts and pieces of their life have nowhere to go and you don’t have space either. If you are selling the home, the sale could happen faster than you think. You’re scrambling to find a place for everything. Estate or garage sales could help solve some of the problems. Some things could be donated, but you’ll be losing those memories by simply tossing the family history.

Climate-controlled storage provides answers to your stress and the problem. Today’s indoor storage facilities offer more than a room and a lock to store the possessions of a lifetime. Heating and cooling systems, inside unloading and loading, first-rate storage security, and ease of access offer peace of mind and lowered stress levels for everyone. Here are considerations during this transition: If time is critical, you can save the organizing for later. An accident might have occurred and the home is now empty. Your parents’ health or recovery is far more important right now and you can alleviate stress by organizing their life later. Storing it away allows you to focus on what’s important right now. Climate-controlled storage ensures memories remain for generations and allows you the time to take care of Mom and Dad and their belongings.

You are selling the home and you’ll need to stage it for potential buyers. Decluttering the furniture and memories takes effort, time, and space. Protecting the family assets is also a consideration. Secure, indoor facilities with 24-hour cameras and alarm systems ensure that you’re protecting your family’s legacy during this transition. Today’s families are all around the country and they may not have the time to pick up the items they cherish. The brother in Texas might want Dad’s old tools or your sister in North Carolina may want Mom’s sewing machine and craft gear. The grandkids will surely want the news clippings saved by Grandma. You can ensure everything will remain as Mom and Dad left it. Out of the impact of the elements, those items stored inside will remain dry, bug-free, and secure while you wait. Today’s keyless technology allows you to share “keys” via phone applications. You can easily give access to multiple family members at the same time. Keys won’t be lost, in another state or physical locks easily broken. Simple, effective, and fast, keyless technology ensures you’re not wasting time chasing keys. Mom and Dad might still be very active, but no longer want the chores of homeownership. They no longer want the mowing, the shoveling, and the maintenance. They’d like a simpler life to enjoy themselves more. Interior storage provides the ability to keep the golf clubs, the bikes, fishing gear and the cross-country skis. They still love the Christmas decorations they’ve had for years and will use them for years to come. Inside and protected from the elements, those decorations will remain as you remembered and intact. Storage that’s inside and away from the humidity, the cold or the rain ensures that they can still share memories cherished for so long. Lastly, your parents would now have an easily accessible “garage” to keep their things in.

They could drive into the building and get what they need in a clean comfortable indoor environment. Storage is storage, what does it matter if it’s inside or out? Today’s climate-controlled indoor facilities provide more than we normally think of. When a lifetime of memories needs to be cared for and preserved for future generations, inside storage gives easy access, the assurance their belongings remain as is, and much more. While decisions and times like these are difficult and stressful, controlled facilities provide technology that’s easy to use, full 24-hour security, tenant-only access, and surveillance cameras.

Climate-controlled storage gives the family the surety that a lifetime of cherished moments will never be lost.