he King of Kohl's Pond Storage- Lumbertosens' Gamble

Storage History

Did you know that; On the site that Store It now sits, Mankato’s first storage facility opened during the mid-1800’s. Ezekiel Lumbertosen, a champion cliff diver who immigrated from Sweden was one of the first settlers of lower East Mankato. He bought some land just near of the Kohls Pond and tried. He had many endeavors, but never achieved the success he dreamed of. Nicknamed, Mud Flap by those that knew him best, he tried farming the fertile soil, but the cucumber plague of 1871 killed those dreams. He later started a travelling lutefisk and flaming banjo show. He even drove the massive herds of winter tabby cats across the Great Plains into Cheyenne. Nothing seemed to click and the fortune never came. Until he sat alone one cold fall day and watched squirrels gather nuts for the winter. He noticed that each family had their own little hole in a specific tree. He watched as the families loaded the nuts into their own designated space in the tree. Was this the moment? Would it work? Could it work? He knew right then he had to try. Buying an old barn from Mortimer Blenderson and after much effort, moved the barn to a perfect location. Near the town, near the farms and with the Kohls Pond for water, he began. A second floor was added and he then sectioned the barn into small rooms. He hung doors on each room and opened shop. Soon enough, they came. What a great idea they remarked to each other and how “keen” Kato’s best would say. The townsfolk soon brought their belongings and paid for a storage at “ole Mud Flaps” barn. Demand continued and he expanded at the site. He even opened another location with the great French badger hunter Maurice Flambeau, just across the border in Canada. With his empire growing and the back accounts ever-increasing, it all ended on a fateful night. After crossing the border ...

Sir Johnson Thornwell, 3rd, Esg.
April 1st, 2022