What’s Yours is Mine? Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage - Safety and Security

Some examples of happens at outdoor storage facilities: You thought your possessions were safe. Stored away with a strong lock and they sat safely in your storage unit for time. Then you get a call from your storage facility. They proceed to inform you that somebody took bolt cutters, cut your lock, and ransacked the unit and your belongings. Now you’re checking the storage unit, taking inventory of your losses and what remains. Security cameras did not catch too much. The crime happened in the middle of the night in a poorly lit area of your outdoor facility. There is also no record of someone entering the area using a monitored gate, they simply climbed the fence and just picked your unit as an opportunity they could not resist. Now you’re stuck with the problems. Did you have insurance and did you properly catalogue everything? Now you’ve got to move everything to another unit. Will the offender get caught; more than likely, no! And are you going to ever get anything back? Again, the answer is a resounding no! Unless you enjoy driving around to all the pawn shops or checking on-line sellers to see if your stuff is for sale, it’s gone. Unfortunately, at some point in our life we all may deal with crime. Instead of taking the cheaper route and hoping for the best. Make a smarter decision and store with inside climate-controlled storage. The decision to store inside a facility will drastically reduce your exposure to potential crime and theft for several reasons: Visual – unlike an outside fenced in area, nobody can sit and watch you unload your possessions from the outside in an indoor facility. Outdoors, someone looking for opportunity can simply watch you unload your possessions and quickly determine if you have something they want. Cameras – our building has an extensive security camera system that is always on and actively recording. Our camera ...

January 30th, 2023

Spook-Tacular 2022


Spook-Tacular is Mankato's premier indoor trick-or-treat event. Since 2020, Store It has hosted Spook-Tacular in its climate-controlled storage facility. This year's event was a huge success, with 4,000 people in attendance. Store It believes in giving back to the community that supports our business through free events like Spook-Tacular. Dozens of area businesses decorate vacant storage units and hand out treats and candy. Each year we aim to make the event bigger and better than the year prior. Following the spooky hallways, holograms and trick-or-treating, guests had the opportunity to visit the photo booth and family dance party. The DJ from Complete Weddings and Events kept the festive music thumping all afternoon and evening. There was also a food truck, inflatables, giant balloon installation and other creepy surprises. We are grateful for our business partners who support the event through sponsorships and volunteering. This year businesses also had an opportunity to support the Twin Valley Council of Boy Scouts through donations. Over a dozen local boy scout troops created a kid-friendly haunted house expereience throughout the facility. ...

Jess Blais
October 31st, 2022

Let’s Get Down to Business: Helpful Tips for Utilizing Self-Storage as a Business Owner


As a business owner additional space can be hard to come by, especially when it comes to storage. When you need room for extra products or working space, a storage unit or two can help you take a load off. If you’re considering a self-storage option, here are a few aspects of your business to consider moving off-site. 1. Inventory. If you sell products, like clothing or home goods, additional inventory can be a handful. Moving excess merchandise off-site can help free up space and allow more room for other seasonal inventory. This can be especially helpful for items you carry throughout the year. 2. Seasonal Decor. Whether you decorate for one or every holiday, festive décor can take up a lot of space even though it’s only used for a portion of the year. Take advantage of a storage unit to keep holiday and seasonal décor organized, dry, and safe during the off-season. 3. Furniture. Do you put out patio furniture when the weather gets warm or utilize outdoor heaters in the cold? These bulky items can take up a lot of space when they’re not in use. Instead of trying to find places to tuck furniture away, consider a storage unit to protect your big or bulky belongings. 4. Tradeshow Gear. Every industry typically has some sort of tradeshow or event annually. From tables and chairs to banners and marketing materials, a lot is required to have an eye-catching display at your show. Holding these things in a storage unit for safekeeping ensures they’ll stay in great shape for years to come. 5. Miscellaneous. Storage units can protect a plethora of goods, especially when they’re indoor and climate controlled. Important documents, art, liquids, and anything with a small engine are all items that you can protect in the short or long term with a self-storage unit. If you’re curious about how you can take advantage of storage units for your business, head to our website for rates, ...

April 14th, 2022

he King of Kohl's Pond Storage- Lumbertosens' Gamble

Storage History

Did you know that; On the site that Store It now sits, Mankato’s first storage facility opened during the mid-1800’s. Ezekiel Lumbertosen, a champion cliff diver who immigrated from Sweden was one of the first settlers of lower East Mankato. He bought some land just near of the Kohls Pond and tried. He had many endeavors, but never achieved the success he dreamed of. Nicknamed, Mud Flap by those that knew him best, he tried farming the fertile soil, but the cucumber plague of 1871 killed those dreams. He later started a travelling lutefisk and flaming banjo show. He even drove the massive herds of winter tabby cats across the Great Plains into Cheyenne. Nothing seemed to click and the fortune never came. Until he sat alone one cold fall day and watched squirrels gather nuts for the winter. He noticed that each family had their own little hole in a specific tree. He watched as the families loaded the nuts into their own designated space in the tree. Was this the moment? Would it work? Could it work? He knew right then he had to try. Buying an old barn from Mortimer Blenderson and after much effort, moved the barn to a perfect location. Near the town, near the farms and with the Kohls Pond for water, he began. A second floor was added and he then sectioned the barn into small rooms. He hung doors on each room and opened shop. Soon enough, they came. What a great idea they remarked to each other and how “keen” Kato’s best would say. The townsfolk soon brought their belongings and paid for a storage at “ole Mud Flaps” barn. Demand continued and he expanded at the site. He even opened another location with the great French badger hunter Maurice Flambeau, just across the border in Canada. With his empire growing and the back accounts ever-increasing, it all ended on a fateful night. After crossing the border ...

Sir Johnson Thornwell, 3rd, Esg.
April 1st, 2022